FMPAY is a blockchain-based wallet system. It addresses two key cryptocurrency issues – cumbersome transactional processes and slow transfers, while retaining the advantages of anonymity and convenience of transfers. Through FMPAY system, users can withdraw, utilise or make purchases with cryptocurrencies in real time globally via its virtual bank and card feature. It can also facilitate worldwide cross-border transactions.

FMPAY features a multi-cryptocurrency wallet, virtual bank account/card and cryptocurrency swap backend system. These unique features make cryptocurrencies viable for the mass adoption and usage globally.


FMPAY Multicurrency Wallet

Web & Mobile APP Login

Users can access their wallets via web and mobile APP and send and receive funds via their wallets securely.

Virtual Bank Account / Card

The wallet is linked to user’s virtual bank account/card. All transactions will be reflected in the wallet real-time.


Users can see the real-time value of cryptocurrencies in fiat currency, such as USD, EURO, etc.


FMPAY Virtual Bank Account/Card

Apart from investing in various cryptocurrencies for profit, FMPAY also allows users to spend it through virtual card as fiat currencies. The linked virtual account supports mainstream cryptocurrencies, such as USDT, BTC, ETH, etc. The balance is based on the designated fiat currencies in real-time market prices. At time of spending, users can choose the type of cryptocurrency to deduct. The wallet balance is the spending quota of the virtual bank account/card.

  • Supports mainstream cryptocurrencies
  • Accepted at all worldwide stores supporting FMPAY
  • ATM withdrawal in fiat currencies
  • 24/7 real-time instant processing

Backend Cryptocurrency Exchange

Our backend cryptocurrency exchange enables swapping of cryptocurrencies. Our fund and cryptocurrency pool provides high level of liquidity to enable real-time exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Users can instantaneously swap Bitcoin for FIAT, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies, making FMPAY a convenient and low-cost cryptocurrency exchange platform with high competitiveness.


Artificial Intelligence Wealth Management

Cryptocurrency Trading

World-class cryptocurrency trading team.

Comprehensive Technologies

Trend prediction, big data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Robust Trading Strategy

Adopts a safe trading strategy and allocates multicurrency portfolios to ensure stable and sustainable yearly returns.


Payment Gateway

FMPAY offers merchants a cryptocurrency payment gateway that accepts cryptocurrencies payments instantaneously. The payment gateway supports real-time transactions of at least 10 mainstream cryptocurrencies and more cryptocurrencies are added periodically.

Merchants can opt to withdraw received cryptocurrencies instantaneously to their bank account in fiat currencies, or swap to other cryptocurrencies. We provide merchants with comprehensive integration tools, customisation and technical support.


Principle Of On-chain Off-chain Transaction


Currently, users have to wait for confirmation on the blockchain to transfer cryptocurrencies. The waiting time can range from minutes to hours, depending on the network load. FMPAY established an off-chain matching system where cryptocurrencies can be transferred instantaneously to another person.


Thousands of transactions per second without the on-chain confirmation; Low commission, significantly lowering payment costs; Instantaneous payments without having to wait for confirmations from miners; Supports multi-cryptocurrency instant exchange, reducing and controlling transaction costs via off-chain system

FMPAY Advantages

Instant Transaction

Instantaneous transactions at all times, even on cross-chains.


FMPAY users with compatible cryptocurrencies can convert it to any other cryptocurrencies at any time.

Secured & Safe

All transactions are secured, reliable and safe with the adoption of a variety of security encryption.

Lower Transaction Cost

Online transactions are reduced through offline matching without the need for transactions to be transacted on the main chain, thereby lowering transaction costs.

Global Market

FMPAY is positioned to expand globally without the need for any physical presence, thereby offering cryptocurrencies partners new business opportunities.

Investment Opportunities

Funds can be obtained by participating in FMPAY to provide liquidity for the platform or investing in FMPAY token whereby profits a fee is collected for profits earned. FMPAY offers equal opportunities to every participant in the ecosystem.


Target Users

  • Different Blockchain Users
  • FMPAY Virtual Bank Account
  • Blockchain Wallets Users
  • Enterprise Solution
  • Receive and Payments
  • Potential Fund Pooling Facilitators
  • Transaction Facilitators

FMPAY Applications


Payment between users and merchants, direct payment by merchants, and settlement between merchants and platforms.

Cryptocurrency Trading & Swap

Users holding FMPAY compatible cryptocurrencies can swap any cryptocurrencies at any time.

Cryptocurrency Investment

Automated trading robots, quantitative trading strategy, signal sharing.

Global Transfer & Payment

FMPAY operates globally without the need for physical operations. Users can perform payments, transfer, etc with global partners.

App Screen

FMPAY Token -
FME Coin (FME)

FME Coin (FME) is a token issued by FMPAY. It can be used to pay for transaction fees in FMPAY Wallet. Transaction fee has to be paid for every transaction and the token can be used to pay for part of the transaction fee. FME issuance is fixed and as FMPAy users increase, the token price will rise and token holders can enjoy the benefits of FMPAY platform development.


Team & Advisors

Cyrus Sam<
Ricky Ng
Artem Gordadze